Hi lovelies! Today I’m coming at you with a monthly product review post! Keep reading to find out what my opinion is on these items!





First up is the NYX lavender CC cream! I bought this a couple months ago (which you can see in this haul!) to test out amidst the whole color-correcting craze. It’s a light lavender shade which is supposed to cancel yellow tones and brighten the skin.

I tested it out when I first got it and I felt like it made my skin oily, but I wanted to give it a fair test by trying it out a few more times. The only problem was that since it was an extra step in my makeup routine, I would usually forget about it and not reach for it.

But since it’s summer, I wanted to try wearing it more often to see if it would make my makeup base routine a bit lighter. Unfortunately, I think it still delivers the same results.

When I first tested it, I would go to work in an office area so it was always cool indoors and I would get oily. Now that it’s summer, I’ve tested it in 90-100+ degree heat and it’s even more noticeable. I feel like it makes my skin quite sticky and I’m not sure if it color-corrects my skin.

I will continue to use it on shorter days and on days when I want to do lighter makeup, but I’m not sure if I love it. Once I’ve made up my mind, I’ll probably do an in-depth review of it!


DSCN0453 (2)

I’ve been into pinky shadows for a couple months now. I’m pretty sure it’s a trend right now because I’ve seen a lot of people wearing warm pink shadows on the eyes. I’ve also been enjoying the bronze shade when I want to add some smokiness to the eyes for a daytime look without using dark brown and black shades.

I personally enjoy the Maybelline Eyestudio colors; I currently own 3 of their quads now and I think they’re super pigmented while also having a good amount of shimmer in them without being glittery. The only downside is that they don’t have matte shades, but the pigment makes up for it!



I’ve never been one to do my nails very often, but I’ve started to put more effort into them lately. I couldn’t do my nails in my third year of college because of work, but when I was able to start up again, I started noticing that my nail polish wasn’t staying on very well because I was using my top coat as a base coat.

I finally gave in and tried this base coat and I love it! I think it definitely plays a big part in making my nail polish last longer.


I bought this because I heard it was similar to Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray since L’Oreal is the parent company. I used this up pretty quickly and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ve since purchased the full-size bottle to give it another chance and I’ll probably do a review on this in the future as well to update my opinion on it. So far, I will say the full-size bottle has a better nozzle so the mist is a bit finer.

Overall, I do notice a difference when I do and don’t use it so I do think it works to an extent, but I am open to other setting sprays and I’m testing out more primers as well!

So that wraps it up for this month’s product review! I hope this was helpful; let me know your thoughts in the comments below and also leave some product recommendations so I can try them! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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