Hi lovelies, and welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday! Today I’m going to be talking about the benefits of writing!

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If you know me in person or read my blog, you may know that I’m an English major. With that being said, I’m not trying to be biased when I say that writing is good for your health. There have been many findings where writing is considered a healthy habit and I’m just here to pass on that information! A lot of people don’t enjoy writing because of all those school papers and reports, but I promise making time to write for fun is so much better!

So here are 4 benefits that come when you write regularly!

1. It empties out your mind.

In my June check-in post, I talked about how I want to start journaling again because I’ve had a lot on my mind for several months now, but I never get the chance to write it out because of school and work.

Now that it’s summer, I’ve written a few things out and I’m already starting to feel better, but I know there’s a lot more I need to get off my mind. Doing activities such as stream of consciousness or daily journaling will help you clear out your mind if you’re like me and you think too much!


2. It’s easier to stay organized.

Making lists and planning things by writing it out can be really helpful, especially if you’re always on the go. Using a planner or notepad is super useful for these kinds of situations, or you can write down what you plan to do for the day in your journal! If you’re not a pen and paper person, using your phone or laptop will work just as well!

3. You’ll be more grateful.

My June check-in post also spoke about how I want to use my journal as a gratitude journal. That way, even if you have a bad day, finding something to be grateful for can be a reminder to be thankful for our lives. It also helps you practice mindfulness and notice the little things, even if your days seem to be mundane and routine.


4. It’s a way to use your imagination.

Writing can help get your creative juices flowing! Writing to be creative will give you so many outlets! You can practice writing poetry, stories, songs, etc! Plus, you can go online or buy those notebooks that give you prompts in case you’re stuck about what you want to write about. This way, it might force you to think about a variety of topics. All these ideas will help you exercise your brain and can open creative avenues!

So that’s my Wellness Wednesday post for today! I hope this was enjoyable and helpful! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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