Hello lovelies and welcome to this month’s Monthly Remix, where I’ll be sharing the songs that I’ve been replaying all month long!


Last week, I did a Weekly Replay post and that contains the majority of the songs I’ve listened to this month. If you want to hear them, they’re linked in the post here, but I’ll also list the titles here:

1. Young – Vallis Alps

2. Monkey Bars – Robotaki ft. Claire Ridgely

3. Do Re Mi – Blackbear (Y2K Remix)

4. I Like It Pt. 2 – BTS

5. 8 More Than 92 –  lxndrrr

I have a couple more to list, but these are full-on playlists and each are about an hour long! I listen to these when I’m writing my blog posts or working on something and they really help me concentrate.


“Young,” the song I mentioned in my Weekly Replay post is the first song in this mix and I became obsessed with it, as well as all the rest of the songs!


Again, this playlist also gets me in the zone when I’m working, even though I can’t put a finger on why it helps so much. This has been the most recent playlist I’ve been playing a lot and I really like it. Some songs are repetitive and not my favorite, but since I’m usually really focused on my work, it doesn’t bother me.

So that’s my monthly remix for this month! Like I said earlier, if you want to hear the rest of the songs, just click on the link to last week’s Weekly Replay; I linked all the songs so you can directly listen to them on that post! If you don’t want to scroll up to find the link, you can click here instead!


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