Hello lovelies! I’m back at it with Wishlist Wednesday this week after taking a small break from it! This week I wanted to focus on the color yellow!


I personally started liking mustard yellow and very light yellows recently, but I’ve also been noticing some bloggers/vloggers showing some love for the color as well.

I’m typically drawn to black, gray, and blue, but I’ve recently picked up some yellow pieces, as seen in one of my outfit posts and I’m looking forward to picking up more yellow things! But anyways, here’s all the yellow items that made it onto my wishlist for this week!


buy here

This top from Free People is quite simple, but I like the silhouette and the loose fit!


buy here

I like how casual this dress is; I also like how it’s a combination of a sports jersey, but the floral print makes it more feminine.


buy here

This is a very basic camisole, but the mustard yellow shade makes it look super cute and I like the stripes and black color-blocking.


buy here

I stumbled on this shirt and it looks like something you could easily throw on but still look effortlessly cool in. I would hope that the yellow is washed out in real life because I think that would match the overall tones of the shirt.


buy here

This blazer is great! I love the length, color, and how relaxed it is. It’d be perfect to wear for professional events while making a statement!

And that wraps up today’s Wishlist Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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