Hi lovelies! Today on the blog, I wanted to share a trip I took to LA recently with a friend, enjoy!


This trip consisted of checking out the Arts District and Little Tokyo. After struggling to find parking, we were finally able to explore the city on our two feet.


We stopped by The Container Yard to look for this mural. It’s so pretty in real life, but it was difficult to take good photos because of the fence and barbed wire partially blocking our views.


There were lots of murals around and I wish I had captured more of them!


We wandered into some menswear stores and even found a shop selling designer goods.



After that, we tried a new ice cream place and it was so good! The design of the place was pretty as well; it was a mix of being urban with the exposed wood beams and being old-fashioned and broadway-inspired with the light-up signs.


Then we wandered around further and saw a random hall and walked into to explore. It turns out it had a bookstore, a public garden, a restaurant, a reading room, and a gallery.





We stumbled upon a gallery that had only been open for a day and then we also found another gallery on the way out. This was probably one of my favorite things that I saw that day because we literally didn’t know where we were and unexpectedly came upon this amazing area.




when you take a picture with a stranger in it because he matches the artwork

On our way back to the car, we kept stopping into more shops and bookstores and found these cool stairs.


Since our feet were tired, we didn’t feel like walking to Little Tokyo, so we drove to a parking structure and explored.


I wanted to see the Little Tokyo lanterns lit up, but this was good enough!


We went into a bunch of stores and we bought a couple of things, but overall, it was a bit overwhelming to go on a shopping spree. There was a lot that I wish I could’ve gotten from the Arts District and Little Tokyo, but I held back for the most part, haha.


DSCN2686 (2)
r.i.p. (although i heard they’re coming back online??)

And that ended our day! It was probably the most adventurous I’ve been all summer so far, and I’m glad I got to catch up with a friend! Thanks for stopping by today; I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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