Hello lovelies, welcome back to betweenthehangers! Today on the blog, we’re talking makeup trends for the summer!


As the summer season comes into full swing, we tend to either lighten up on our makeup, or we decide to play around with fun looks that go with the season. So here are the trends that will be big this summer!

(P.S.: spring and summer makeup trends usually go hand in hand since it’s based on the collections that fashion designers bring out, so check out my spring makeup trends post if you want even more makeup ideas!)



Sunset eyeshadow looks have become very popular on the internet as of late. With the use of purple shades, it’s almost become the new smokey eye. Since we’re currently focusing on summer looks though, using pink, yellow, and orange tones creates a beautiful sunset on your eyes that will match the summer evenings.


It looks pretty difficult, so I’m sure it takes practice to perfect, but once you get it down, you’ll be wowing everyone around you! And to make it wearable, pick softer colors and use a light hand; a wash of these shades on your lids will also make an impact without going too crazy!



Warm pink shadows are a trend I’ve also been noticing lately. It creates a romantic, sultry look without the use of darker shadows and looks especially nice on people with brown eyes, in my opinion.


It seems quite easy to recreate as well; all you need is a pretty pink shade and possibly a neutral color to blend the shadows!


Ever since the rise of sunset eyeshadow looks, yellow shades have gained some momentum as well. I’ve always been interested in makeup looks containing yellow tones; I even wrote a post on it a couple years ago that you can find here. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and look summery at the same time!


If you’re afraid to try this trend, go for a yellow liner or place a light wash of the color all over the lid!



Every summer, the trend of fresh, glowy skin makes a comeback, although nowadays with the popularity of highlighting, it looks like you can have glowing skin all year long.


However, summer is usually the time when we want to look dewy and sun-kissed as if we’ve spent a day out in the sun and it’s also a time when we like to let our skin breathe. So if you’re not into a full face of makeup during the summer months, maybe try stripping it back down to the basics and focusing on making your skin glow!



Summer always seems to bring out the fun lipstick colors that are out there. With the constant releases of colorful lip products these days, it’s a super easy trend to jump on since it’s available at every price point.

I personally like to wear warm bright pinks and red lips in the summer; it makes you look instantly put together even if you’re wearing light makeup on the rest of your face. I also have a post where I talk about some of my favorite summer lippies here!

If you’re hesitant on wearing bright colors on your lips, not to worry! Start off by wearing a little bit of the color and blending it out so it’s not as pigmented. Then as you get more comfortable with brighter shades, build it up until you’re happy with the result!

And those are the 5 summer makeup trends that I think are not only fun, but wearable, whether you’re on the runway or running around under the sun! Thanks so much for stopping by today and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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