What’s better than buying makeup and putting it on? Watching YouTubers buy makeup and put it on. ☺


I love makeup. I enjoy playing around with light and shadow and color to create different looks every day. It gives me a confidence boost and makes me feel more put together.

I also love watching YouTubers make haul videos with makeup I can’t afford and give reviews. I love watching people create amazing eyeshadow looks that I would probably never wear and I like seeing everyone’s takes on the “everyday makeup look” and how they do their winged liner.

I’ve watched makeup videos for years, and I’ve seen many YouTube beauty gurus come and go in my subscription box. But here are the ones I’m currently loving, and you should check them out too!



Nikkia is a godsend for us oily-skinned girls, and I’ve seen many others who would agree with that statement in the comments section.

With almost 500,000 subscribers, Nikkia uploads weekly with reviews on products, wear tests, and beauty tips all from the viewpoint of someone with oily skin. If you have oily skin and need some tips on how to make your makeup last all day long, go watch her videos!



Pony is a makeup artist who went viral on YouTube with her makeup transformations, first turning into Taylor Swift and then Kylie Jenner. However, she is already known in Korea for being a makeup artist for K-pop idols such as CL. She also has her own makeup line!

Pony’s videos are executed professionally, with subtitles for non-Koreans and beautiful makeup looks that can work for the everyday girl or for “Insta-worthy” photos. I love her videos because she explains everything in detail and usually creates looks that have a natural finish, which is a beauty trend in Korea.

If you’re interested in Korean beauty trends or prefer more natural makeup looks, give this channel a try!



This YouTuber is just as pretty as Pony and she also creates beautiful makeup looks! With almost 800,000 followers, she deserves them for the quality of her videos. She’s not afraid to play around with trends and has easy-to-follow tutorials.

I personally subscribed when I noticed that she has hooded eyelids. After years of watching YouTube videos, I realized that different makeup techniques need to be used on people with hooded eyes. There aren’t many YouTubers that deal with the hooded eyes market, so sichenmakeupholic’s videos are super helpful!



This is one of the most recent YouTubers I’ve discovered. Violette is a Parisian makeup artist currently living in New York. According to my research, her childhood background set her up to be in the arts, and now in her adult life, she’s been noticed by brands such as Dior and Valentino for collaborative work.

I love the style with which she films her videos. It’s creative and refreshing, just like her looks. She tries out bold looks, which I would never wear, but love to draw inspiration from.

Above all, she puts a Parisian touch to all her tutorials, which I define as how her videos are filmed in casual settings such as a cafe, as well as how she embodies the Parisian beauty trend of looking good with minimal effort.

So these are my favorite beauty YouTubers at the moment! Let me know which beauty gurus you like to watch in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!

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