Today on the blog, let’s talk about some eyeshadow palettes I’ve been wanting for a while!


I’ve always had my eye on these palettes, but I can never get myself to actually buy them. However, I received a Sephora gift card a while ago and it’s also my birthday month, so I think now’s the perfect time to treat myself. 😉


buy here

I think this is the first palette that I ever fell in love with. This is the Stila Eyes Are the Window palette; I know a lot of people will already own the palettes in this post, but I haven’t caved in just yet because of the price tag. But one day! I will come for this one. ♥


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I was first introduced to “Matt” through Michelle Phan in one of her tutorials. Ever since then, I’ve always been interested in the Balm and I don’t think it’ll be long before I finally pick up one of their palettes. I especially like Matt Soto and Matt Borski. ☺


buy here

This is another palette that I’m sure many people own: this is the Tarte Pro palette and it’s similar to the Stila one. Again, these colors are amazing and I really like the purple tones in this palette as well as that shade called “trendy.”


buy here

This last palette is called the Caramel Melange palette from Zoeva. All of Zoeva’s palettes are stunning and I thought I wouldn’t be able to pick, but this one was calling my name. This is the most affordable out of the ones I’ve shown, so I’d also love to pick this up sometime soon!

And that’s it for today’s post; thanks so much for reading and let me know what palettes you’ve been enjoying in the comments below! I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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    1. I really love Zoeva overall for their packaging and I haven’t owned any of their palettes but the shadows look amazing! I can’t wait to try out the balm as well!


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