Stockholm Fashion Week began in 2005 and has become the “leading fashion week in Northern Europe.” This year, Stockholm Fashion Week most recently took place from August 30th-September 1st. Here are some of the trends and designs I enjoyed seeing on the runway!



This collection is based on women of different cultures coming together to protest against political changes. There is a use of braids to symbolize female strength and blankets to protect and empower women.

The main colors used in this were white, black, sandy beige, bright blue, and yellow. I noticed there was lot of textures used as well as layering elements. There were also fitted silhouettes, but the use of interesting lines cutting through the body added a twist to the pieces.


This is one of the blanket pieces; some pieces integrated a wrap blanket, but I liked this because of the color, fringe, and the relaxed fit.


This is a simple fitted one-shoulder dress, but the extra fabric wrapping in different directions around the waist adds interest and texture to the dress.


This would be a simple long-sleeved collared dress, but the blue fabric diagonally cutting across as well as the color blocking takes this ensemble to another level.


The blanket motif reappears again here in a sweater form and is paired with simple white pants.


This dress is impressive because of how it flows and drapes on the body. I could see this being worn as is or paired with gold jewelry to create a goddess look.


After quickly looking up who the designer was for this collection, I found out that this may be the first show for this brand. This was started as an undefined project, but came to mean living life to the fullest.

I noticed women’s and men’s clothing being mixed, creating genderless looks. The color scheme is black and white, accented with gold and powder blue. To me, this felt like relaxed business/aviator attire.


This classic trench coat can be worn on men and women; the scarf/ascot reminds me of the scarf that aviators wear.


Here, the mixture of clothing with genders is evident; even though men do wear shorts, these are quite short and the boots emphasize the skin being shown.


This also reminds me of aviator outfits and the gold accent is in the form of a scarf/ascot. The extra-long belt is an interesting touch and the jackets shown in this and the previous photo are quite baggy, making the outfit more relaxed.


This collection is inspired by oceanside lifestyle. It focuses on fundamental pieces, such as trench coats, a white tee, jeans, and knitted sweaters. The main colors used are red, white, and marine blue, but the summer collection mixes in more hues and floral print.

Most of the pieces are preppy and tailored. I feel like this is one of the more wearable collections, and I can see women from the Hamptons or politicians’ wives wearing these ensembles.


The coat came in a matching set that I like better, but I think this was paired with elements and prints that lent more interest to the outfit.


I guess I must really like how these coats are designed because the next few photos have coats in them too. The navy blue with gold buttons and red lining looks very classy. I also enjoy the pop of orange with the dress; I could see this being worn on a summer night.



This is one of the floral pieces that was introduced for the summer collection.


This was the most simple pieces out of the show, but this is something I would want to wear. It’s more casual compared to the previous navy coat, making it more wearable for more occasions. I also like the simple white top with a necklace and then the black shorts and heels.


There are two versions of this dress, but I prefer this one because it feels more airy. This will be very nice for the spring season.


The pop of red in the top and coat makes a very bright statement and I love it.


This collection is based on female friendships through a sports team theme. There is a basketball motif, and the statement colors in the collection are pink and orange, which are encouraged to be worn regardless of gender.


This gives an after-school-and-going-to-play-basketball feeling to me. A comfy sweatshirt and shorts with socks and sneakers pulls off a perfect casual look.


The print and colors here are very beautiful and add to the flowiness of the piece.


This unique print immediately makes this top and skirt combo much more interesting.


I love the use of a sporty jacket with a flowy bottom piece. I’m not sure if this is a skirt or pants with a skirt wrapping around it, but I think it works perfectly with the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post; I love fashion and I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into it, so I thought giving coverage on fashion weeks from now on would be a good idea. Let me know what you think!

In terms of knowledge, I did take some fashion classes in college, but I’m no expert. I do know about certain materials and silhouettes, but I’m also interpreting how I see the pieces with my own opinions because, after all, fashion is a form of art.

I didn’t cover all the designers, so if you want to see the rest of the collections or see the pieces from a certain collection, then click here!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!


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