Today’s review will be focusing on a brand that will be launched this month. I was able to try it out and here are my thoughts on it!


When I recently went to KCON LA (hear more about that in my life update post!), I was able to get a bunch of free samples and products (haul post here).

One of these products is from a new Korean brand called SEP Beauty. They haven’t launched yet, but will be very soon. When I was able to look at the brand in person, I noticed that they were selling lip products and nail polishes. The website also seems to be selling cushions, cleansers, and a “Starter,” which I believe is a new name for a face primer.


They gave out samples and chances to win free products; I chose to get this sample of their Liquid Sticker nail polish in the shade Red.


There’s no typical nail polish scent; it does have a faint smell of glue, but that’s it. This makes it much easier to use in my opinion because it doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.


This goes on very smoothly and is opaque even with one coat. I love how rich and strong this red shade is; it makes a statement on your nails.


It has a small brush instead of those larger flat brushes; I’m not sure which type of brush I prefer more, but I like this applicator since it spreads the polish evenly.

It also dries much quicker than other nail polishes and you don’t have to use a base or top coat. The finish is quite shiny and they look really nice after it’s dried.


The concept of this nail polish is that since it’s liquid-based, you can peel it off like a sticker, without a nail polish remover. It comes off in one piece, which I’m sure will be very satisfying to those who like to pick at their nails.

This is pretty innovative and convenient because I know there are people that like to change their nail color every week and this product would make it much easier.


The only thing I’ve noticed is that the edges will tend to start coming up if you do things such as shampooing your hair vigorously or physical labor. You can press it back into place temporarily, but eventually you’ll have to peel it off.

I know some people might be bothered by that, but nail polish tends to chip when you do a lot of work with your hands anyways, so I don’t think it’s too different from that. In addition, the website does note that this lasts for about one to two days depending on your nail’s condition since it’s like a sticker.


I think this is a great idea for nail polishes. The fact that you don’t need a base or top coat and how easy it is to apply and remove will probably make it sell well. I do wish it didn’t peel so easily, but I’d rather be able to peel it off and reapply than have it chip, remove it with nail polish remover, and go through the whole reapplication process.


Nail polishes are hard to use up anyways, so I do think this would be worth the money even with frequent reapplication. Speaking of prices, this will be sold for 15,000 won or about $15 and it should be launched sometime this month in America at Nordstrom, but I’m not sure if these will be in-store or online only.

Overall, I look forward to its release and I’ll definitely be picking up some shades when they’re available!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments: would you buy a nail polish like this? Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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