Hi there lovelies! Today on Wishlist Wednesday, I wanted to talk about a brand that released recently and the pieces that I would love to have, so keep reading to find out what they are!



The brand I’ve been really interested in is called A New Day! It’s a new brand released at Target and they have a really nice mix of pieces.

This top caught my eye ever since I saw the preview e-mail. I like the stripes on the collar and sleeves as well as the light floral print. It doesn’t necessarily look like a fall piece but I think it’s still nice to wear for the daytime and I’m sure it would last into next spring.


I want these pants soooo badly! I don’t know what it is about them because this isn’t necessarily my style, but I really like them. I went into Target recently to check out the collection in person, but I didn’t see these; however, I might just order these online if I continue wanting them so much.

They also come in a dark cherry color, but to be honest, I would wear these much more often than the red ones.


I’m going to be honest, I tried these on in-store and even though I sized up, they didn’t seem to fit me. I also read reviews on the Target website saying that it’s better to size up when you’re looking into buying shoes from this brand.

Maybe they might have been laced up too tight (I have wide feet), but even though these are nice to look at, I probably won’t purchase them. But I might go back to check them out again and I’m currently looking into loafers and oxfords (I need comfortable closed-toe shoes for work, haha).


I think Chelsea boots are always really nice to have and the quality of these look pretty good. I also like the heel on this boots!


This plaid shirt dress is simple, but I really like it! I think it would work for lots of occasions, so I would love to have this dress.

So those are the pieces I’ve been liking! I looked at most of these in person, and they do look pretty good! I really like how Target has been developing their womenswear and menswear lines, so I think I will buying some pieces from this line soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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