Hi there lovelies! Today I’m going to be doing another fashion week post; this time we’re going to be focusing on NYFW, which took place from September 7th-September 13th. There’s a lot of content, so I’ll be doing part 2 this Wednesday! Let’s get into it!


TOME is a New York-based womenswear brand that focuses on practical and clear-cut clothing.


Love the more masculine uniform shown here. The loose frame with black shoes and the layering aspect with a sweater, collared shirt, and turtleneck creates a more boyish feel.


This is classy, but the gold velvet amps up the dress and makes it stand out.


Completely opposite to the first outfit, this dress is very feminine and has classy lines. The fabric gives it an elegant and airy look.


Concept Korea is a project meant to assist Korean designers break into the U.S market.


I love the mixture of different types of lace. Since it’s an all-black outfit, it makes it look more grungy. Personally, this reminds me of Jenny from Gossip Girl when she transitions into goth outfits.


This is also an edgy outfit; I think it’s interesting how the mesh jacket also repeats in the tights being worn.


Velour tracksuits have been making a comeback these days, so although this seems a bit strange to see at first, once your eyes adjust, it can be easy to appreciate the light blue velvet and rainbow stripes. Although I’m not sure if I would jump on this trend, it seems very comfy.


This season’s collection was inspired by the island of Capri, and the outfits you would need if you were to ever visit.

There was a combination of floral prints in the form of appliques and beautiful evening gowns with sequins among other embellishments.

Most of the pieces do seem more targeted towards an older audience, so I wasn’t able to pick too many outfits that inspired me; however, almost all of the evening gowns were gorgeous, so I had to narrow it down to my two favorites.


I could definitely see this as a dress to be taken on vacation because of the tassels, loose fit, and bright colors.


I really liked the bright color combo here and I appreciate the ruffle trend on display with the sleeves on the top.


I loved the details on this blush gown.


This is a gown I could see being worn during awards season as a classy but sexy option.


Calvin Luo is a 21 year old designer who has already achieved so much at such a young age (fun fact: I’m only 3 months older than him! I wish I was this successful already). He came to New York when he was 16 to study at Parsons and then began his unisex collection which now includes feminine elements in menswear.


For this season’s collection, he said he was inspired by the heroines of Sofia Coppola and he showed off his technique with asymmetrical shapes and interesting fabric choices.

I really like how he took a red hoodie and turned it into a dress (which has been seen a lot lately in Asian fashion trends), but then added a twist with the asymmetrical sewing and drawstring element.

The touch of showing a peek lace stocking underneath also adds an unexpected sexiness to the piece.


Mesh is still going strong, although it is seen less in menswear. Adding mesh elements to the outerwear and bottoms is one of the ways Luo seems to be incorporating femininity into men’s pieces.


There are more asymmetrical hems here as well as interesting lines shown around the neckline. The pop of yellow is perfect for spring/summer 2018.


Again, this is a trend seen more on women, although men do wear these types of clothes. The pajama trend seems to be sticking around, as shown here. This may as well be a unisex piece as I’m sure women would enjoy wearing this too.


I saved this brand for last because it’s known as being the fairytale brand, and these pieces are more likely to be seen at very formal events instead of street style.


I love the way this dress plays with lines and curves, especially in the skirt.


I heard this collection drew some inspiration from Japan, so this dress seems to have some similarities to a traditional kimono and cherry blossoms.


Florals were very important in this collection and this is yet another example of floral appliques.


Another dress that played with curves and lines; in addition, the skirt reminds me of nightgowns that Dita Von Teese would wear.


This is a breathtaking dress and I love how there’s ribbon wrapping around the waist to draw your eyes towards it and cinch in the waist. This is the ultimate dreamy prom dress (I wish, haha).


This last dress feels so elegant, classy, feminine, and airy. I love the fabric, floral details, and the colors of this dress.

And that’s it for part 1 of my NYFW series! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!

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Annie is an ice cream enthusiast with a passion for fashion and beauty. In her free time, she enjoys pursuing other creative mediums such as photography and music. But usually, you can find her curled up in bed binge-watching shows #potatolife.


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