Hi there lovelies! Today I’m going to be sharing my favorite fashion YouTubers, so if you’re looking for some major wardrobe inspo, just keep reading!

I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time on YouTube every day; I love watching beauty gurus (check out my favorite beauty YouTubers here!) as well as fashion YouTubers because I get so much inspiration from them. Here are the ones that I watch the most out of everyone:


JENN IMI’ve been following Jenn’s videos since she was at Davis, and what I love about her is that she can’t be categorized under one style. Out of all the YouTubers I watch, I feel like Jenn has the most eclectic fashion style. She has the ability to rock a classy and feminine ensemble one day and then something more grungy and casual the next.

Jenn’s a hard worker, intelligent, and beautiful; she released her clothing line, Eggie, recently and it’s been doing really well! Go take a look at her videos if you want to see concise, quality work!


I’ve watched TheLineUp for a while and I’ve seen their videos evolve from well-edited styling videos to their higher-production lookbooks with flawless cinematography and music choices.

These days, I don’t relate as much to their aesthetic because they show more of a 90s editorial streetwear look, but I still take bits and pieces of their style for my outfits sometimes!

They’re a Swedish duo and they give off such a “cool girl” vibe; if you’re looking to up your streetwear cred, go give these girls a watch!



On the other end of the spectrum, Samantha Maria (previously known as beautycrush) is a YouTuber that’s developed a classy editorial style throughout the years. She’s upgraded parts of her wardrobe with designer pieces, but doesn’t go overboard with the amount of clothes she owns. Sammi used to be more bohemian and edgy a few years ago, but it’s been really interesting to see the changes she made over the years.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate her more simplistic and realistic lifestyle compared to other YouTubers who may be partying or traveling all the time. She’s always real and honest, and watching her videos feels like seeing a friend a few times a week. ☺

Sammi also has a blog at and her own clothing line that she co-founded with her hubby Jason called Novem & Knight, so go check those out as well for some major inspo!

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Amy is one of the newer YouTubers I’ve discovered and I love her! I can’t necessarily pin down her style, but she’s always on trend while also staying loyal to her wardrobe essentials.

Her background lies in wardrobe styling and she’s worked with celebrities such as Katy Perry in the past. Now she does YouTube to share her knowledge on all things fashion; her more recent videos shared resources on the best books, movies, and documentaries to watch and read if you want to dive deeper into the fashion world.

She also has a blog at where she gives fashion advice and you can find links to her videos there! Amy is the YouTuber I currently go to when I want to know about the latest trends and how to style them as well as closet necessities that will never go out of style.



Last but not least, I have Claire Marshall on my list! Claire is basically the epitome of cool and edgy while wearing basic pieces. I don’t know how she does it, but she somehow manages to make a t-shirt and jeans sexy!

She’s more of a beauty YouTuber since she previously had a career as a freelance makeup artist, but her videos range between showing her style, makeup, and life. I personally love her style and I aspire to have that effortless but cool look one day.

Even though Claire doesn’t upload as frequently as other YouTubers, you can always count on her content to be creative and different, which makes her stand out in the saturated YouTube market. So what are you waiting for, go check her out!

These are my current favorite fashion YouTubers! Just by looking at this list, I feel like it says a lot about how my style isn’t quite defined yet. I love lots of different looks, so I’m not really sure which category I fall under. Or maybe it’s better to not be boxed in by a single style!

I hope you liked this post and that you gather some inspiration from these YouTubers/bloggers! Let me know who your favorites are in the comments and I’ll see you lovelies soon!


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