Happy Friday lovelies! Fashion Week season is starting up again (so soon!) so today I wanted to showcase the amazing men’s styles that took place on the streets of Paris in the last week!

all photos sourced from Google; graphics done by me

I don’t know how many men follow my blog, but I personally like to get inspiration from menswear for my own outfits.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I found!

They Are Wearing: Paris Fashion Week Men's Fall 2018

Structured coats are still a classic, but the styling seems to lean more towards trying to dress down outfits with sneakers or making references to the 1930s or 40s with wide-legged trousers.



These types of coats are totally my style, although I don’t really live in a climate or in a city where coats are worn that often. But if I were to move to a metropolitan area with cold weather, I would love to have these in my wardrobe!



Shearling jackets also got some attention this winter, although here it’s incorporated into a structured outerwear piece.

They Are Wearing: Paris Fashion Week Men's Fall 2018

Teddy coats were a huge trend for women during the winter because of how warm and cuddly they were, but here we can see that men can definitely rock this style too!


Colorblocking still seems to be going strong; I really love how all the details in this outfit match up!


Hoodies and sweatshirts have played a big part in outfits as well; they tend to dress down outfits in the way that sneakers have and people have been layering hoodies under their coats and with trousers to add a twist to an otherwise dressy or casual look.



Quirky hoodies with pops of colors have made outfits stand out and instantly turns it into a streetwear look.


Layering hoodies under other pieces is something I like to do with my outfits as well. Overall, it’s also practical because it adds another layer of warmth (and pockets!) to your outfit and it’s comfortable too!



Lastly, something I’ve noticed popping up quite a lot is the puffer jacket trend. In places such as Europe or Asia, these might be normal necessities, but they’ve somehow reached the fashion world this season and people have been wearing them with all their outfits.

If I moved to a place like Korea (a place well-known for their puffer jackets during the winter), I might opt for a slimmer, long one like this Nike jacket because I feel like this might suit my petite frame a little better. But the cropped red one is definitely a cool statement piece.

So in summary, here are the trends that I noticed the most recently:

1. All types of sneakers paired with jeans, pants, trousers, etc.

2. Teddy coats/shearling coats or items with that soft, cozy factor.

3. Color-blocking or adding pops of colors with statement pieces; it seems that menswear is moving away from the typical neutral palette this season.

4. Hoodies layered underneath coats and other jackets to make an outfit more casual.

5. Puffer jackets; they seem to be replacing bomber jackets these days!

6. Structured coats will always be a classic trend.

And that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post; thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!

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