If you’ve ever struggled with oily skin, then you’ll also know the struggle of touching up your makeup throughout the day and staying at least semi-matte. Find out who wins the battle when comparing Daiso and Sephora blotting sheets!


I never believed in blotting sheets until last year when I tried them for the first time. The first blotting sheets I ever tried were from Sephora, and I didn’t really have any expectations for them. But once I pressed that sheet onto my face and saw how much oil came off of my face, I was sold.

After a while, I became curious about cheaper brands, so I decided to go as cheap as I possibly could: Daiso blotting sheets. I picked up two types since they were so inexpensive and put them to the test.



Sephora: $8.00 for 100 sheets

Daiso irodori sheets: $1.50 for 300 sheets

Daiso sumi charcoal sheets: $1.50 for 100 sheets

When you judge them based on price, Daiso totally wins. You can get up to 300 sheets for so much less than the Sephora ones! But the big question is: do they work? 🤔


The feel of these sheets are all quite similar, except for the charcoal sheets feeling a little more waxy on one side. They’re all different sizes, as expected from the packaging, but most people would probably need only 1-2 sheets for their entire face depending on how oily they are.

The Daiso ones are quite colorful; the one with 300 sheets comes in 3 colors, and there are several types of Sephora sheets with a variety of colors as well.




I have very oily skin, especially when I wear makeup. I tend to get the oiliest on my nose and t-zone, but I’ll usually blot my entire face. Here were my experiences with each blotting sheet:



You can read my detailed review on these blotting sheets here, but overall I love these! They remove the oils from my face without taking off my makeup, and they mattify my skin for a good few hours before I need to touch up again, which I usually don’t need to do because it’s already the end of the day by then.

The only downside I’ve heard people talk about is the packaging. It does get squished easily and sometimes you can pull out more than one, but honestly, if you’re just careful about handling it and check before you pull out the sheets, you should be fine.



This item is the most impressive out of the three because of how many you get for such a low price. However, I don’t think it performs as well.

Unfortunately, these tend to take off some of your makeup when you blot your face, especially in the areas where you’re the oiliest. Like I said earlier, I normally get a lot of oil on my nose, so I noticed that this would remove my makeup in that area.


In addition, you need to use 2-3 sheets to get all the oil off your face. This makes it equivalent to the other blotting sheets because you would end up finishing this just as quickly.

With all of that said, I would say this is still okay to use in a pinch. Maybe this could be used at the gym on a makeup-free face to freshen up, or if you’re having a casual day and the way your makeup looks isn’t that important.

For me, I usually wear makeup every day, even for a quick errand, so when I get home, I don’t want to remove my makeup in the middle of the day. So I’ll usually use these to blot if I’m just spending the rest of the day at home or have to leave the house again for more errands. I wouldn’t recommend these if you normally wear a lot of makeup and you want to keep it looking flawless all day long.



These sheets are quite large, and the packaging claims that the charcoal helps absorb the oils well.

These do absorb the oil without removing too much makeup and you only need 1 or 2 sheets. However, sometimes I feel like this doesn’t get rid of all of my oils. My skin will feel a little tacky, and it’ll look like the sheet isn’t picking up the oil as well as the other ones because the sheet is dark and not very transparent.

If you’re looking to buy blotting sheets from Daiso and you’re not too oily, these would be good to try, but I don’t think they’re the best if you have a very oily skin type.


Here’s how I rank them:

  1. Sephora
  2. Daiso charcoal sheets
  3. Daiso irodori blotting sheets

In this case, cheaper isn’t better. I really enjoy my Sephora ones and I think they’re worth the price because even though I’ve had mine for almost a year, I’m not even halfway through with them! I also don’t use blotting sheets on an everyday basis; I save them for days where I know I’ll be out all day long or when it’s hot outside.

However, I’m not bashing on Daiso sheets either. They do a decent job for the price and I wouldn’t mind using them if I didn’t have my Sephora ones. I think it just comes down to preference and how oily you are. Some people want to look flawless all day long; if that’s the case, the Sephora ones would help with that. But if you’re low-maintenance with your makeup and just want to look less shiny, then the Daiso ones would probably be a good choice.

Even though I feel like I have a good idea on what makes a blotting sheet amazing, I still want to try out other brands. Sephora may have won the battle, but we’ll see which brand wins the war!

That’s it for today! I hope this post was helpful if you’re looking for a good blotting sheet to try! Let me know if you’ve tried these and what your experiences were; also, leave a comment on what other brands I should try and I’ll check them out! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!


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