It’s getting cold again, so we all know what that means! Sweater weather? More like hoodie season.


Story time: Sometime during my high school years, I started throwing on hoodies while half-asleep to run to volleyball practice at 6 in the morning. Later on, I would start wearing them regularly for school and this continued on into my college years, before the streetwear and athleisure trends became so popular.


Fast forward about 8 years later, and my love for hoodies is still as strong as ever. They’re easy to wear and on top of that, they come with pockets. And who doesn’t love pockets?

I didn’t realize how much of an essential hoodies were for me until I realized I was running out of storage for them.

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It was finally time to accept my fate. I am that girl that likes to wear hoodies with leggings and sneakers, just like all the other basic girls out there (don’t worry, we’re all in this together anyways!). But you know what? I’m okay with that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As we’ve all probably seen, streetwear and hypebeast clothing are trends that have made a strong impact on the fashion industry in the past few years. Oversized clothing is in, and going out in the sweatshirt and joggers that you woke up in is cool at the moment. The lazier the better, which in my book, is a very convenient trend when you don’t feel like dressing up.

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So it makes sense that hoodies are also trending. Designers are creating hoodies in all different colors, designs, and prints, and it’s been so fun to see all the new variations.

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Hoodies are comfortable and easy to throw on by themselves or with layers underneath if it’s cold. You can stick your hands in the pockets as well as your phone, keys, and wallet when you don’t feel like bringing a bag with you.

On your ultimate lazy days, wearing a hoodie with leggings or sweats is a perfect combo. But when it comes to looking cool and edgy, hoodies with brand logos or bright colors will make a statement.


I decided to pair my hoodie with tights and hiking boots that are reminiscent of Timberlands, as well as hoop earrings to add more of an edgy look. Throw in a killer makeup look, and you’re ready for a party or concert.

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I love this hoodie because of the bright blue and red stitching on the logo. I also added some rings to match my gold hoops.

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This isn’t the warmest outfit, but I find that the tights don’t make me too cold and I could layer under the hoodie if I wanted to since it’s so oversized.

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Also, side note for makeup: I’ve recently been getting more into false lashes; I like wearing natural ones for work and everyday looks and more dramatic ones for photoshoots. I’m also glad that glossy lips are starting to make a comeback!

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Okay, back to the main topic. Like I was saying, I really like the versatility and comfort that hoodies give. I do love a good sweater, but there’s something about hoodies that are easy to work with. You can create really cool outfits with them, but you can also fall back on classic pairings and look casually put-together.

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Overall, I think hoodies are so easy to work with. You can layer them under jackets (you can see an example of here!), pair them with different types of bottoms, and go casual or edgy. They’re unisex so literally anyone can wear them, and they’re convenient to throw on so it’s great to always have one on hand.

I love dressing up, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel comfortable and hoodies are definitely a staple comfort piece for me.


So that’s it for today’s outfit post! Let me know how you feel about hoodies in the comments below! Do you love ’em or hate ’em? Well, I’m off to go add some more hoodies to my collection (lol), so I’ll see you lovelies soon!