Innisfree is known for their natural skincare products using ingredients from Jeju Island. In this post, I try out some new products and share my initial thoughts!



I discovered Innisfree while watching Korean beauty YouTubers and from learning about Korean skincare. I’ve done an Innisfree haul before, which is when I started trying out Korean skincare products. After testing the items from my first haul, I came back for more!


Innisfree is a brand that prides itself on using ingredients from Jeju Island. Since the island has volcanic soil, mineral-rich waters, and a beautiful climate, the location is home to many natural ingredients that Innisfree uses in their products. In addition, their beauty philosophy is to take care of your skin before the signs of aging appear to maintain a healthy glow. They have also taken part in sustainability efforts by taking care of Jeju Island and by creating environmentally-friendly campaigns such as recycling and conservation.

And here are the products I tried!


This time around, I decided to get the brightening and pore-caring serum and repurchased the intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed.


I’ve used the green tea seed serum for months and can gladly report that it’s hydrated my skin and gives it a glow. Even though I have oily skin, it’s important to hydrate it so it doesn’t overproduce oil.


This serum absorbs into the skin and can feel a little sticky, but it’s not bothersome at all, especially if you go to bed right after your skincare routine. In the morning, I always wake up with a glow and I think it’s helped even out my skin tone as well.


As for the brightening serum, I think it made me break out a bit. I purchased it thinking it had ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C. However, it has squeezed tangerine peel extract instead, which is somewhat similar. I was testing another product at the same time, so the other item might be why I broke out, but I think this did have an effect too.

Nowadays, I use it occasionally and I haven’t broken out since. I don’t know if it’s brightened my skin since I don’t use it daily, but I’ll keep testing it out.


Overall, I do like these two serums and will continue using them.


Next up, I have these two sheet masks. I made a mistake again because I thought I was purchasing them in a pack of multiple masks, but ended up only getting single ones. One is an aloe vera mask and the other is tea tree.

I’ve previously used Nature Republic sheet masks, but after trying an Innisfree mask, I fell in love. They somehow feel softer and hydrating and they also fit my face a lot better. I can’t wait to give these a go and hopefully they’ll deliver the same results!


That’s it for the purchases I made; now onto the samples! I love Innisfree samples because they provide generous amounts that allow you to truly see if you like a product or not.


The two larger samples I got are the sensitive skin cream from their minimum line and the hydrating green tea sleeping mask.


I’ve recently started trying this and to be honest, I don’t think it’s a product I need right now.  Like the name says, it’s meant for sensitive skin; so far, it’s moisturizing and hasn’t broken me out. But since it’s summer, it’s a bit of an overload on my skin so I’ll probably revisit this product when the weather’s cooled down and my skin needs more hydration.


This product is meant to be used at the end of your skincare routine to add lots of hydration while you’re sleeping. Even though it’s a mask, you don’t need to wash it off. I chose this sample to give to my mom, so once she tries it out, I’ll report back with her results.


Lastly, we have these samples. This is their cica balm with bija seed oil. It’s supposed to improve your skin’s texture and strengthen its protective barrier. I haven’t tried it yet because I’ve been gradually testing a few products recently.

You should never try out a bunch of products at once and I have sensitive skin, so I’m slowly getting around to it. But this does look promising; bija comes from the bija tree, which produces fruit that has medicinal properties and can improve your skin.

And that’s it for today’s haul! I hope these reviews were helpful and I would definitely give Innisfree a try. Also, this post is not sponsored, but maybe one day, haha.

Have you tried Innisfree products? What were your experiences with them? Leave it in the comments!


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