Summer can be a time for fun under the sun and adventures, but sometimes the heat can make it hard to have fun, especially if you also need to constantly manage having oily skin and hair.


Summer is personally my least favorite season because I hate hot weather and it’s a battle to control my oily skin. This year, my hair has also been more oily than usual, which I blame on the 110 degree heat waves in my city.

Because of the extreme heat and humidity, I’ve had to work hard to find products that will keep me from melting into an oily puddle before the end of the day. Thankfully, I’ve found some products that work for my hair and skin, so if you’ve been struggling through the summer heat or live in a humid climate, hopefully these will help you as well!



I’ve owned dry shampoo for several years, but it usually takes forever to finish a bottle because I only use it in emergencies, like when my hair gets greasy after 24 hours. However, this summer really has my hair acting some type of way because my hair gets oily so easily these days.

Therefore, I’ve turned to Batiste dry shampoo to keep my oils at bay and pump a little volume into my hair. I use the original one because I like the scent compared to the other fragrances. It’s a very overpowering smell, but it doesn’t last all day. And thankfully, this has been helping out my oily hair last through the day before I wash it at night.



Next is my favorite setting spray! After trying out a few different ones, I think this is one of my holy grail products. I was first introduced to it by Nikkia Joy and I tried it because of her recommendations. This helps my makeup stay on longer and takes away the powdery look that matte makeup can create. I still get oily by the end of the day, but I’m pretty sure my makeup would look worse without it.



Another important part of keeping your makeup on all day is a good primer. I’m currently in the process of testing new primers, but this has been my go-to for years (find my review here). It helps my makeup stay matte for the majority of the day and I think primer is essential if you have oily skin.



My go-to foundation for this summer has to be the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte. I’ve used it for over a year now and it’s my best bet if I need to be out all day and don’t want my face to look like an oil slick. I think it’s more matte than demi-matte, but I’ll always lightly powder and use setting spray on top to lock it in place.

It does look like you’re wearing foundation at first, but as your oils come through, it blends into your skin as the day goes on and looks more natural. I’ve also written a full review on this, so check it out here if you want to know more!



This has been a cult favorite for years, and for good reason. This is the remaining part of my base routine to try to keep my makeup in place. Lately, I’ve been applying it with a damp beauty sponge to set my makeup and blur my pores. Overall, I still get oily with this makeup routine because it’s so hot these days, but as long as I touch up, this can hold up well through a full work day.



This year, I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, which means using sunscreen every day. I’m not perfect, so I have skipped out on it sometimes, but I try to apply this in order to protect my skin during these heat waves. I like how this sunscreen doesn’t have a sunscreen scent and it has SPF 70. I also don’t feel too sticky when I use it!



I actually don’t usually use deodorant on a daily basis because I’ve never really needed it. I don’t typically sweat in my underarm area and as far as I know I don’t smell (I always use body spray though!). However, I’ve been (unfortunately) perspiring everywhere thanks to this summer heat, so I’ve had to pick this up.

I’m sure deodorant formulas have improved over the years, but I’m still iffy about stick deodorants so I got the gel one. I’m definitely going to grab a natural deodorant next time though!

Lastly, don’t forget to drink water and stay cool when you can! I really hate the summer heat, but these products have made it a little easier to get through the days.

What are your beauty lifesavers when the temperature starts rising, especially if you have oily skin and hair? Let me know in the comments!


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