Hello hello, I’m late, but here’s what I got during the holiday sales from Bath and Body Works!


I usually shop at Bath and Body Works about twice a year because 1) I shop during the bigger sales and 2) I have way too many body lotions and body sprays to be shopping more than that, haha. So without further ado, here’s what I got!





One of the best parts of shopping at Bath & Body Works in the winter is the holiday scents! This is a lotion I was iffy on, but now I think it’s a decent replacement for Tahiti Island Dream (R.I.P: they discontinued Tahiti Island Dream and now it only comes out online sometimes ☚ī¸). The notes are cashmere cream, shimmering vanilla, frosted clementine, amber, and caramel woods. Vanilla scents have grown on me over the years so if you also like vanilla scents, try this out if they have it in the next holiday collection!



This is a gift I got for a girlfriend, but despite the cute packaging, I think this is a unisex scent! I personally think guys and girls can wear it, so if you’re in a relationship, sharing is caring, right? The notes are starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood, and radiant amber. It’s not super sweet or too tart and I believe this is one of their newer releases, so go take a whiff of it next time you’re at B&BW!



This is also a gift for a friend and I think most people are familiar with this lotion. I feel like Sweet Pea’s been around for a while; the notes are sweet pea, watery pear, sheer freesia, luscious raspberry, and soft musk. In my opinion, I think this is a light, sweet scent that isn’t overwhelming, making it a good gift for those who don’t like strong fragrances.



Me and this lotion go way back; the first time I mentioned it was over 2 years ago in my 2016 November product review. I loved this lotion then and I still do now. I’ve repurchased a couple times since and I even have a mini one in my bag for when I’m on the go. The notes are white gardenia, jasmine petals, and magnolia blossom. It’s a little sweet, fresh, and floral all at the same time, which are exactly the types of fragrances I enjoy, so that’s probably why it’s one of my favorites.



This is the other holiday scent I picked up. In the store, it smelled good, but after purchasing it, I realized the fragrance is much stronger than I originally thought. The notes are red winterberry, ruby apple, sparkling cranberry, camellia blossom, and crystal vanilla. As you can see, the notes are quite fruity and sweet; the berry notes especially stand out. As much I like fruity scents, this is something I’d have to be in the mood for instead of a staple in my daily routine. But who knows, I might change my mind in the future!



I picked this up during the post-Christmas sales after realizing I didn’t pick up a new body spray (as if I need any more sprays, lol). I ended up getting this for free because I had a reward from the app (Sign up for it! I swear I’m not sponsored, haha). It was sort of an impulse “purchase,” but I am officially obsessed with this scent. The notes are white gardenia, spring rain, blue hyacinth, and cotton musk. For some reason, this lasts all day on me and that usually never happens. Honestly, I think this might be my new go-to body spray. Unfortunately, this seems to be discontinued as well. 🙁



Lastly, you can’t forget about the hand sanitizers! I always make sure to stock up every year. Not pictured are the men’s scents that I got for my brother and dad and another Winter Candy Apple that I gave to my mom. Winter Candy Apple is also one of my top favorite scents ever since I bought the lotion last year, but again, say it with me y’all, yes it’s also discontinued. 😭 The other one is Hey Thanks! Berry Grateful and it’s a gift for a friend. As you can probably tell, I give away most of the stuff I buy because I think they make great gifts (although I kinda wish I could keep all of them, haha).


So that’s everything I got! Now that I’ve written this post, I now realize that it’s semi-useless because half of these items are discontinued or not around since the holidays are over. But let me know what y’all purchased! And maybe we can also vent about our favorite discontinued scents in the comments section. 🙃

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!